With all the movies, books, and commercialization, the picture of romance is a little deceptive. Okay, maybe very deceptive.

I love a good romance story, but what you seldom hear about is the hard work it took to get there. Get where you ask? To the place of true love.

True love isn’t about being swept off your feet into euphoric bliss. Those fleeting feelings will quickly evaporate leaving a black hole in your heart unless true love is established. What is this true love? Selfless.

In today’s society, we see a fixation on “What do I get out of this?” What is called love is often a selfish desire to fill the black hole; the emptiness of the heart.

God wants to fill that place of emptiness – like only He can. Once you are no longer empty, your relationships transition to a healthy place where you have a new perspective. This transition causes you to look at what you can give to the relationship.

Only when two people have this healthy perspective, do we find the romance of true love. Yes, this romance has its euphoric bliss, but it also involves a commitment to God first and then the other person. This relationship is based on a selflessness that reaps a greater satisfaction.