God the Ogre Syndrome

God the Ogre Syndrome

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Intimacy. We long for it, crave it and then run from it. If you lack intimacy with God, this book is for you. It is designed to reveal the lies of the enemy that we have subconsciously allowed into our belief system. These lies not only hinder our faith but rob us of life-changing intimacy with God.

As you read through the pages of this book, the truth of who God really is will set you free and bring you into a fulfilling, intimate relationship with the lover of your soul.

God the Ogre Syndrome

God the Ogre Syndrome

This book is a masterpiece in the field of counseling and should be in the library of everyone who desires to help others through the stormy passages of life’s oceans.

Susan, in her very practical and yet profound way, addresses the questions that have plagued the human heart for centuries. I believe this book will become a classic and also serve as a strong witness to the skeptic as well. Brilliant work!

— Dr. Myles Munroe (Founder, President and Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International)

I am very happy to endorse the timely book “God the Ogre Syndrome” by Susan Waters. This is a theme which comes to my attention every day in the classroom and in my personal life. God is being continually blamed by the Devil’s Agents for all the Aggression and Violence and Life Style Choices that they themselves have made. This is universal politics and it is time someone points this out to all the Christian light bearers. Be aware of the Devil’s wiles and the blame game. Susan has done a magnificent job of opening our eyes.

— Dr. Stephen R. Hambly, Ph.D. D-C.P.C., Certified Psychotherapist, Doctorate in Psychology, Dean of Psychology/Counselling at Victory Bible Colleges International

Susan has written a thorough and practical handbook for people wounded and hindered by their past, and the voices of the mind, that lead to misunderstanding the ways of the Lord.

— Bonnie Pioveson, Regional Director for Women in Leadership


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The accompanying workbook, God the Ogre Syndrome Workbook, can be viewed here.