In Need of Repair?

It’s easy to let those little things slip: a slight attitude, a little selfishness, a lack of compassion, and so on. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t fix the little problems, increase occurs? Yes, those little problems become big problems. It might take awhile, but the inevitable will happen.

Are there problems you need to address in your life? The best time to fix a roof is before it leaks. We’re the same way. If we don’t catch the little glitches or weaknesses, you will be plagued with costly repairs.

Money can’t fix relationships, but humility is a good start. Better yet, take a good look at what adjustments you need to make so that your roof doesn’t leak or your structure doesn’t start to crumble.

Many people go to their doctor, dentist, and optometrist for regular checkups. Why stop there? Do an inventory. Have you had an attitude problem lately? Are you as positive as you should be? If not, why? How do you treat others? Self-analyze. Get a second opinion. It’s worth the time to invest in your future.