This picture is a vivid reminder for me. I can trust the hand of God or go to the feeder. There’s nothing wrong with going to the feeder – unless God calls you to eat out of His hand.

The feeder is familiar and safe. Why is it that we don’t see God’s hand that way? Or at least I struggle to see it that way at times.

When others are going to the familiar feeder, I sometimes wonder why I’m called to go to His hand. You would think by now that I would be eager to go, to trust, and to obey, yet sometimes it’s still difficult. I know in my head, that wherever He directs me to go is the best place, but sometimes my heart is slow to catch up.

How about you? Are you quick to hear and obey? Do you automatically trust Him? Most of us get better at it, but it’s a process.

The Master’s hand is open to you. Will you draw near? Will you partake of His offering? Stay awhile. Enjoy His presence. Trust Him, for He is trustworthy.