Just Taking A Walk

There’s nothing like a leisurely stroll to reflect on life, and this is the time of year to cogitate. Below, I’ve listed some tips to help you process your life.

  • What did I accomplish last year?

Is it what I wanted to accomplish?

Knowing what I know today, would I change anything?

What can I learn from last year?

What do I need to continue doing?

  • What do I want to accomplish this year?

What steps do I need to take?

  • What personal changes do I want to make?

What are some steps or goals I can make to help me?

These are just a few questions that will help you as you reflect on your past and prepare for the year ahead. I’m not sure if you have checked out my new Devotional Blog. If you haven’t, check out Devotion Video #1: “A Journey of Dreaming” by Susan Waters from ExceedingJoy.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0yv_DSm5n0

I want to encourage you to believe and plan for great things this year!

Close to God

We can be close to God at any time or any place. It doesn’t depend on how we feel or what’s going on in our life. Yet, sometimes, it’s easy to feel His presence or hear Him more clearly when we pull away from the demands of life. In those places of solitude where our mind is at rest that it’s so easy to hear Him.

It’s always easy to hear Him when we want to hear Him. People get confused and think they don’t hear God because they aren’t listening or they don’t hear what they expect to hear. God doesn’t always say specifics when He directs us, but He will gently lead us. He doesn’t always speak the way we think He will, but He does speak in a way that gives us a deeper understanding.

One word from God can transform your life. Don’t just talk to Him; listen to what He has to say to you. Listen to Him regularly and your life will never be the same. The richness of His wisdom cannot be bought. It’s free, if you’ll meet with Him and listen.

You don’t have to be out on a rock or by the water. You can meet with Him wherever you are.


Many years ago, when my children were young, I read a book that inspired me. I don’t remember the title of the book or the author’s name. All I remember was “Special Me,” and a red plate. It was about giving your children turns at being “Special Me.” It involved a meal with the “Special Me” child having the red plate.

I didn’t own a red plate and I didn’t see the need to spend the money on one. Instead, I simply started “Special Me” nights once a week. The child of honor got to choose what we had for supper that night as well as the games we played after we ate.

Imparting an understanding of their value is what motivated me to incorporate this weekly event. I wanted my children to feel special, and this was one of the ways I thought would help accomplish my goal. Interesting how things turned out.

Recently, my son – now married and in his thirties – shared his thoughts with me. He appreciated the “Special Me” nights from his childhood, but for a different reason. What he took away from those times was interesting. He learned that there are times when we need to do the things we don’t like or aren’t interested in to help others feel special.

Who would have thought? Everyone has a different perspective. I’m sure there are some who  think “Special Me” times teach selfishness. A different perspective can paint a whole different picture.

Bring in this perspective concept into relationships. How many relational problems arise because we think everyone else has the same perspective as we have? Why is it that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure? Different perspective.

Before you’re quick to assume, judge, criticize, or tune someone out, try to see things from their perspective. Be open that maybe what you see isn’t the only way to see something. Like the picture above,  some see a beautiful young lady, while others see an old hag. Recognize that there may be more to something than what you see or hear.